Motus Online Group Training Sessions

At Motus we don’t subscribe or limit ourselves to any one particular type or approach to training. Our policy has always been to study a wide range of methodologies and styles so we can cherry-pick the best bits and create our own unique methods and programmes for our clients.

Unless otherwise stated, we make these sessions adaptable for varying fitness and experience levels - so don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner or returning to exercise!

MBST = Motus Bodyweight Strength Training 

We combine elements of traditional bodyweight strength exercises, circuit training and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to create a programme designed to build strength and endurance throughout your body, whilst elevating your heart rate for cardiovascular health and general fitness.  We make sure the programmes are “balanced” to support good posture by working all areas of the body, including your core.  You will learn the fundamental exercises and movements required for other forms of exercise as well as develop strength to handle day-to-day tasks with ease.  Our coaches will instruct you on safe and correct technique and change or adapt any exercises to suit you.  

The benefits of MBST include building strength throughout your whole body, improving muscular endurance, improved muscle tone and it works extremely well as part of a weight/fat-loss programme.

Ladies: don’t be concerned by the “strength” element - it doesn’t mean it will make you bulk up!  Read this article on why strength training is so good for women.

MMT = Motus Mobility Training

Within Motus Mobility Training you will recognise traditional flexibility exercises as well as familiar movements from both Yoga and Pilates.  We also incorporate exercises from a form of training known as Gymnastic Strength Training which uses some of the foundational movements and flexibility exercises from gymnastics.

Working on flexibility and mobility is an area of fitness many of us overlook and we have found our approach has meant many people have been able to stick to a consistent routine having struggled to do so previously.  We have designed these sessions to complement other forms of exercise, and over the course of each week we take a journey around your body working on different areas in each session to ensure they get enough attention to make improvements.

The benefits of MMT included increased range of movement, better balance and coordination, reduced soreness and stiffness, better recovery, lower injury risk, and improved performance in other forms of exercise.  This type of training has also been shown to reduce general stress levels and you will leave each session feeling supple, calm and relaxed.

Mondays | 5:15PM Mobility

Tuesday | 6:15PM Bodyweight Circuits

Wednesday| 5:15PM Mobility

Thursday | 7PM Bodyweight Circuits (Core)

Friday | 12PM Mobility


1 session per week = £25 per month

2 sessions per week = £50 per month

Unlimited sessions = £95 per month

Pay as you go = £10 per session

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Can people see me?

Yes. This is as we like to see everyone so we can keep and eye on your technique. Also it helps everyone within the group make connections and interact. We limit group size so it's a small friendly group.

Am I fit enough?

Every session can be modified to your needs. We also trust that if you have any concerns about certain exercises/movements that you'll highlight that to us so we can make amendments.

Our mobility sessions are ideal start point for beginners, before moving onto the bodyweight strength training.

What are the benefits of live sessions?

With live sessions it enables there to be a structure to week and programming - all sessions are planned ahead none are done at random. Also by joining the live sessions and getting into a regular routine you'll start to develop along the way and see tangible progress. Also it's nice to see some friendly faces!

Can I do a trial?

Yes, everyone is welcome to a free trial week to begin with.