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You’re probably thinking: 

“This is going to be a sales call: They’re going to give me a bit of generic advice and then try and persuade you to sign up for programme with them”

No, actually, it’s not!

It can be a bit uncomfortable talking about your health and wellbeing - it’s a personal thing - so here’s a heads-up on exactly what to expect during the call. We have a limited number of slots available so we want to make sure a strategy call is right for you.

What to expect during a call?

Where are you at right now?

The purpose of the call is to talk about YOU: your health, fitness and lifestyle. We’ll help you uncover the thoughts, actions and feelings that may be holding you back, such as: 

  • Where are you at right now?  
  • What are you struggling with?
  • What impact that’s having on you - and possibly others around you?
  • What’s stopping you?  
  • What’s getting in the way?


We’ll talk about your background with health and fitness: what you’ve tried before, what’s worked and what hasn’t?

Do you have any injuries or medical conditions we need to be aware of?

Where you want to be?

Then we’ll talk about the exciting bit - where you want to be - your goals.

If you’re not sure (that’s fine - many people aren’t), or you don’t know what’s possible or what to aim for, we can help you start to create that vision, and help you discover the ripple effect this might have on your life and others around you.

Action Plan

Finally we’ll end by creating a simple 3-step Action Plan with you

3 things that you can put into action right away to get you moving in the right direction

Your Motivation

We’ll ask WHY you want to work towards this vision; what will it give you?  How will it make things better?

What's Next?

If you want our support with implementing these actions and bringing them to life, then we’ll arrange another call to discuss the specifics of working together.

Whilst we pride ourselves on our expertise and designing personalised programmes we know a lot of the value of what we offer is in supporting you in actually APPLYING the information and keeping you ACCOUNTABLE and on track.

If you decide we’re not right for you and you don’t want to take things any further that’s absolutely fine with us - the relationship is a big part of getting this to work. Hopefully it will have been a valuable 30 minutes, we will wish you well and you will go away with your action plan to be working on.

Equally, if we believe that others may be able to support you better, we will let you know and possibly recommend someone else.

Why do we do these calls for FREE?

We genuinely LOVE helping people improve their health and lifestyle - it’s what makes us jump out of our bed in the morning.

Each week we make a limited number of 30 minute slots available for these calls because we KNOW that when we’ve spent some time together, there’s a good chance you’ll want to pay for some ongoing support, and join one of our programmes.

But we can’t work with everyone, so we want to make sure it’s a good fit for both sides and you to come into this with your eyes wide open.

It’s also your chance to ask any questions you have about how we work.

We’ll EXPLAIN to you the Motus approach and how it might work for you


We aren't about shouting and screaming at people, that just isn't our style. Instead we focus on creating mutually agreed goals and realising them through achievable, well planned and engaging programmes combined with real accountability. Together these enable to you become the best possible version of yourself.

Darren Putt | Motus Founder


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